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 Data Collection                                                         

Data collected is such an important aspect of any new Telephony system, if the data collection is thorough and precise the implementation of the system will be smoother and calmer for the organisation receiving the new system and for the Partner that is implementing the system.

Data collection is typically performed by an Engineer in the Telecommunications world. However we have proven results that by utilising InTele Training for this process, the explanation to clients of the process and requirements of data collection is delivered in an easy to understand manner and received in a way where the task gets completed quickly and efficiently. Also utilising the same trainer for data collection and training means that the training is delivered exactly to the customers requirements and the client has the same friendly faced contact throughout the whole process.

In general we have found that the post implementation adjustments to the system are reduced when we are included in the data collection process, and the satisfaction level of the client and the partner is increased.

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