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 SO REVIEW                                                               

SO Connect is a product that specialises in Review Management and Guest Marketing, it consists of two products:



Social WIFI is readily available at most social places now days, SO WIFI is a platform that enables businesses to benefit from providing their customers with free social WIFI. SO WIFI comes with a marketing platform that can provide regular scheduled communication to customers to promote the business.


SO Review

SO Review lets you view all your reviews in one platform, so that you can manage, request and promote your review pages. Reviews are the most commonly used medium when researching products and businesses so you want to make sure that your business has great reviews.

InTele Training provide training to businesses on how to use the Review Management and and Guest Marketing tools available in SO Connect and help the business understand the benefits of these tools. InTele also offer Marketing Campaign packages where we can have a Marketing specialists create your Marketing Templates and schedule Marketing Campaigns for the future.

InTele Training have expert SOWIFI Trainers located in Brisbane and Gold Coast, with the option for onsite training in other regions, at an agreed travel rate.


Being that SOWIFI is computer based remote training via a Video Conference platform is available for remote locations.



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