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 Remote Training                                                       

Training is such an important aspect of any new system that is implemented into an organisation, with correct planning and training a project can be widely accepted and a huge success, without this the system can be looked at as being too complicated or that it is less adequate than the replaced system, this is why InTele was created, to ensure that organisations see the value in new Telecommunications & IT systems and so that users are accepting and enthusiastic of this new technology.


The large percentage of the training provided by InTele Training is remote training, clients enjoy the efficiency of being able to receive training anywhere, anytime. Remote training is delivered to encourage the attendees to discuss real and current examples with regards to the new solution.

It is normally provided over the phone or through an online meeting where the client connects through our Video Conferencing platform.

Remote training is provided Globally, for added flexibility, catering for business outside Central Business Districts.

Our process for training varies depending on the client and the solution that has been sold, our training can be one on one training, power user training or scheduled group training sessions. 

InTele will create training schedules for larger projects, the training sessions will be tailored to cover all the products in the Project. The schedule will outline the recommended training session lengths, products and features covered and the recommended quantity of attendees. This training schedule also gives the client information, which enables them to schedule the correct people in their organisation to attend the training.


The trainer takes down any action items as training proceeds, these action items are provided back to the Service team for processing.

The organisation will receive a softcopy User Guide for each product they are trained on and are able to freely distribute this to their team, for more information on User Guides click here.

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