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InTele: Who Are We?

Like most businesses, InTele comes from humble beginnings; from an idea. After seeing a lack in the implementation of proper training, it was made even clearer when it came to learning and understanding the different stages in a company of how technology is constantly evolving how can we help businesses keep up.

It was a passion project that came from the want to help people. That's where our CEO, Jess Cornwall, started to turn that idea into a strong reality. She started in IT originally and then moved into Sales and Customer Service where she could keep communicating with people and helping them.

From there, she began developing as an internal trainer for Contact Centre Software company, but then soon realised she wanted to go on her own and train companies independently. Her experience and passion for helping people then became the shape and mould for InTele.

So when we say that 'passion led us here'... we mean it. We customize help for each client knowing that no business is the same and no business needs a copy and paste training program for their employees. So, in 2013, InTele was born with that purpose and went on to make connections throughout Australia and eventually New Zealand.

When Jess identified the gap in the training of new technologies in business, it was a massive game-changer. She noticed how there was very little time and resources spent in discussing and managing solutions for stakeholders so when it came down to it, products weren't adopted smoothly enough for users.

This led to other discoveries such as training was more of an afterthought as it wasn't fully explored in projects, and no time spent on support for users. This would only mean that users wouldn't see the full benefit of the products. This in itself was a big deal.

Therefore, InTele Training was formed to establish a more wholistic approach to

customer satisfaction with project initiation & adoption strategies, end-user support

and training.

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